It all started out when I went into my new studio to record a song. Then another song, and another. Before too long it seemed time to put an album together. But these songs were a little different from anything I had done in the past. They needed a new name. I thought about putting it out under my own name, but that just didn’t seem right for these songs. I also wanted to play these songs live with a band. So while I was mulling over potential band names I was also spending a lot of time thinking about why I play music, what it means to me and what I get from it. Then it all came into focus. Self Care! Music is what I do to take care of myself, nourish my spirit and deal with whatever it is I am going through / witnessing around me. Im not special in this regard. I have spent the majority of my life this way, surrounded by others that choose to spend their time and creativity on similar activities. We are driven to and fed by these things, wether it be making music, painting, drawing, photography, acting, dancing and on and on. This is our act of self love, and love of life and beauty.